Nike Did What?!

Whoops! Nike just accidentally released their new website!

So, what new website are we talking about?

Originally launched in 2021, Nike is climbing new heights with the relaunch of a dedicated website for refurbished sneakers. Yes, you ready correctly: refurbished sneakers. While the website's accidental launch was short-lived, it offered a glimpse into Nike's new website.

The refurbished sneaker website promises a wide selection of high-quality options. From iconic Air Jordans, Nike ensures that each refurbished pair meets their quality standards.

Though some pricing details were available during the accidental launch, it's expected that refurbished sneakers will offer a budget-friendly alternative to brand-new options.


  • What are your guys' thoughts on Nike's new website?
  • What's your take on purchasing refurbished sneakers?
  • Will this be here to stay or fail like their original launch?


Let's spark a conversation in the comments section below; we're interested in hearing your thoughts.

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